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Subject Introductions:
What is good design.ppt - 39.1kb
What is Graphic Design?.ppt 1.5mb
Angela Marsh

Curriculum Development Projects / Schemes of Work:
Sport Powerpoint Project.zip - 1.1mb
Helen Hudspith

Board Games:
Board Template - 44kb
Counters - 44kb
Terminology Help Sheet - 32kb

Fatima Begum

Coursework "storyboard" based on AQA 2009+ specification .ppt
Pages 1-3 introduction and exemplar.ppt - 3.66mb
Helen Hudspith

Research Powerpoint - 276kb
Project Brief Powerpoint - 136kb
Fatima Begum

Chocolate / Sweet Packaging:
Celebration Cake Design.doc - 34.5kb

Chocolate Box Design.doc - 47kb
Vending Machine Design.doc - 36kb
Jonathan Hawkins

Easter Egg Box on A3 with Base.dtd
Easter Egg Packaging.ppt - 379kb
Kate Manley

Christmas Poster:
Idea Generation for Christmas Poster - 144kb

Photoshop 7 Intro / Resolution Info Powerpoint - 492kb
Photoshop 7 Tools Homework Sheet - 60kb
Photoshop 7 Layers Prompt and Tools - 352kb
Helen Hudspith

Logo Design:
Logo Design Powerpoint.ppt - 163kb
Logo Design Powerpoint 2.ppt - 296kb
Name Badge.ppt - 505kb
Logo Booklet.pub - 47.5kb
Kate Manley

Designing a Children's Menu.ppt - 1.3mb
What's on the menu presentation.ppt - 806kb
Kate Manley

Mobile Phone Packaging:
Mobile Phone Packaging Project- 7.7mb
Longbenton Community College Staff

Movie Marketing Project:
Introductory Powerpoint - 112kb
Product Analysis - Movie Posters Powerpoint - 536kb
Lettering Powerpoint - 2.3mb
Lettering Continuation Powerpoint - 2.3mb
Word Art Introduction Powerpoint - 568kb
adapted from original by Claire Light
Photoshop 7 for lettering Powerpoint - 340kb
Photoshop 7 Lettering Powerpoint 2 - 804kb
Photoshop 7 Lettering Checklists Powerpoint - 168kb
Poster Terminology Powerpoint- 124kb
Poster Terminology "Jigsaw" Activity (A3 Size) PDF - 868kb
Accompanying "Jigsaw" pieces (A3 Size) PDF - 28kb
Poster Initial Ideas worksheet (A3 size) PDF- 32kb
Helen Hudspith

Packaging Design (for Electronic Organ) Powerpoint - 136kb
Line Weights Prompt Powerpoint - 16kb
Plastic Rendering Powerpoint - 208kb
Helen Hudspith

Packaging Design Evaluation - 52kb
Packaging Design Checklist - 52kb
Laura Dale

Point of Sale Displays:
Y9 Point of Sale Display Stand - 8mb
Accompanying files that are useful on their own:
Scales of production.ppt - 256kb
Scales of production exercise.pub - 100kb
Scales of production exercise answers.pub - 156kb
Colour seperations.ppt - 800kb
Specification ideas.ppt - 1.1mb
Starter Activity Suggestions.pub - 40kb
Using Photodraw.pub - 3.4mb

Jen Murray

Vending Machine Design.doc - 36kb
Jonathan Hawkins

Pop-Ups / Card Mechanisms:
Theme Park Invitation Project (card mechanisms).zip - 10.6mb
Includes exemplar material, powerpoints and scheme of work. An optional extra is this set of photos Cedar Point photographs.zip - 14.7mb which can be shown as a slideshow to help students to come up with ideas for their ride name.
Helen Hudspith

Up-Pop Novelty Gift Creations Project.zip - 7.9mb
Lisa Keenan

Pop Up Card Booklet.pub- 1.7mb
Kate Manley

Layer Mechanism Pop up Card Construction Information.jpg - 698kb
Basic P
op-Up Card (Blank).pub
Easter Card.pub - 105kb
Christmas Card - 110kb
David Oxberry

Pop Up Mechanisms Presentation.ppt - 1.7mb
Lisa Salters

Shop Fronts / Architectural Models:
Shop Front Analysis Activity.pub - 708kb
Kevin Rymer

Sporting Merchandise and Publicity:
Celebration Car Flag.doc - 53.5kb
Jonathan Hawkins

Stationery and Equipment Designs:
Design a Pencil Topper.doc - 42kb
Personalised Pencil Case Design Task.doc - 35.5kb
Jonathan Hawkins

Technology / Music Themed:
Design A Screensaver.doc - 36kb
Enlarging an iPod Activity.doc - 41.5kb
Jonathan Hawkins

Compilation CD booklet.doc - 54.5kb
Kate Manley

Music Festival Scheme of Work.doc - 23.9kb
Festival Lesson 1 (Introduction).ppt - 1.98mb
Festival Lesson 2 (Task Allocation).ppt - 478kb
Festival Lesson 3 (Architectural Modelling).ppt - 1.98mb
Festival Lesson 4 (Marketing and Merchandise).ppt - 1.98mb
Lee Taylor

Y11 Major Project / Coursework Resources:
Feedback Sheet for Pupils Example.doc - 32kb

Project Notes (Introduction to Requirements).doc - 52kb
Questionnaire Ideas.doc - 24kb
Task Analysis Ideas.doc - 24kb
What is a Specification? Powerpoint - 32kb
Design Criteria Comparison for pupils (Designing Skills) .doc - 28kb
GCSE planning calendar .xls - 12kb
Colin Alexander

Specification - 2D.ppt - 64kb
Specification - 3D.ppt - 52kb
Design Ideas - 3D Cafe / Bar .ppt - 88kb
Design Development - 3D Cafe / Bar .ppt - 64kb
Logos and Lettering .ppt - 112kb
Fatima Begum

Blank Storyboard - 36kb
Summary of Questionnaire Answers.pub - 48kb
Creating a Questionnaire Information Sheet.pub - 44kb
Laura Dale

OCR Graphics Coursework Guide Sheets, Project Ideas and Templates.zip - 71.2kb
Kate Manley

GCSE folder guidance sheets covering several topics.doc - 72kb
GCSE folder layout guide.xls - 16kb
GCSE folder feedback sheet.xls - 16kb
GCSE folder contents page (pop-up book).xls - 24kb
How to Analyse an existing product using the 5WH method - 28kb
Initial ideas page help sheet (board game).doc - 28kb
Brad Mellor

Product Analysis Lesson.ppt- 896kb
Dave Orton

Techsoft 2D Design Nets:
A3 Bag Template - 32kb
Box with Dimensions - 36kb
Rectangle Box - 16kb
Howard Burton

Bag .dtd- 693kb - 227kb
Bag Instructions.doc - 76.5kb
Joanne Cozens

Aftershave box 1.dtd - 16.1kb
Aftershave box 2.dtd - 15.5kb
Treasure Chest 1.dtd - 12.6kb
Treasure Cest 2.dtd - 17.2kb
David Oxberry

2D Design Tutorial / Guide.doc - 68kb
Amran Suleman

Aero with tuck in end.dtd - 24kb
Aero with locking slits.dtd - 20kb
Aero with postal lock.dtd - 24kb
CD Net 1.dtd - 12kb
CD Net 2.dtd - 12kb

Crash Lock base.dtd - 16kb
Ear Lock Base.dtd - 20kb
Envelope Base and Header.dtd - 28kb
Fefco with two lugs and postal lock.dtd - 24kb
Header with Earlock base.dtd - 28kb
Milk Carton Net.dtd - 16kb
Pillow Pack.dtd - 12kb

Basic with Locking Slits.dtd - 28kb
Self-lock wallet.dtd - 12kb
Video Case.dtd - 16kb

Provided by various students and staff

Techsoft 2D Design drawings / tutorials:
Techsoft 2D Tutorials.zip - 10.4mb
Kevin Creaghan

Athletes.dtd - 16kb
Beckham football logo.dtd - 16kb
Blades.dtd - 16kb
Chimiara logo.dtd - 28kb
Clock outline.dtd - 12kb
Drum.dtd - 16kb
Glasses (New Year).dtd - 36kb
Newcastle United badge.dtd- 240kb
Olympic Rings.dtd - 20kb
Pacman.dtd - 28kb
People.dtd 208kb
Pointers.dtd 20kb
Pooh Bear.dtd - 24kb
Racecar.dtd - 16kb
Shell.dtd - 32kb
Skull.dtd - 20kb
Smoker.dtd - 24kb
Stars.dtd - 52kb
Technology Status Logo.dtd - 32kb
Tyne Bridge.dtd - 24kb
UN Flag.dtd - 148kb
Provided by various students and staff

Using 2D Design with a STICKA machine.doc - 40kb
Fatima Begum

2D Design V2 Drawing Skills.doc - 1.6mb
John Hulme

Easter Egg Box on A3 with Base.dtd
Kate Manley

Creating Cut Paths in 2D Design.pub - 1mb
Jen Murray

2D Design Tutorial / Guide.doc - 68kb

Using the CAMM-1 Plotter/Cutter .doc - 500kb
Amran Suleman

Photo Manipulation in Serif Draw Powerpoint - 5.8mb
Claire Ong

Desktop Publishing.pub - 729kb
Susannah Brooks

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - THEORY RESOURCES - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Colour wheel / colour theory:
Blending Colours.pub - 40kb
Shading.pub - 3.1mb
Fatima Begum

The Colour Wheel.gif - 28kb
Colour Starter Matching Activity.pub - 52kb
Colour Wordbank.pub - 48kb
Colour Summary activity.pub - 40kb
Colour Recognition Activity.pub - 52kb

Colour Starter Activity.pub - 120kb
Laura Dale

Colour wheel worksheet.doc - 52kb
Dawn Johnson

Colour Theory Powerpoint - 304kb
Amran Suleman

Safety Signs and What the Colours Mean.ppt - 3.2kb
Malcolm Sutherland

Drawing Skills Theory:
Perspective Starter Task.dtd - 5.15mb
Dominic Brockhouse

Enlarging an iPod Activity.doc - 41.5kb
Jonathan Hawkins

One Point Perspective.pub - 44kb
Elementary 2 point perspective.ppt - 236kb
Perspective Up.ppt - 228kb
Constructing the Corner of a Room in 2 point.ppt - 172kb
Constructing Curves.ppt - 148kb
Stuart Green

Drawing skills / door sign project.zip - 3.1mb
Isometric Drawing.ppt - 153kb
Rendering Line and Tone.ppt - 44kb

One Point Perspective Drawing.ppt - 1.91mb

Two point Perspective Drawing.ppt - 183kb
Texture Rendering Powerpoint - 948kb
Accompanying worksheets PDF - 44kb
Accompanying worksheets at A3 size PDF - 36kb
Homework - Train Rendering Exercise PDF - 40kb
Examples of pupils' work using these techniques:
| Room 1 | Room 2 | Room 3 |
Helen Hudspith

Perspective Drawing.ppt - 248kb
Orthographic Drawing.ppt - 1.3mb
John Hulme

Two Point Perspective "E".ppt - 60kb
Logos on 5mm square paper.ppt - 265kb
Peter Kucharsky

Isometric Grid for Boardwork Powerpoint - 52kb
Claire Light

One Point Perspective "HENRYDOG" task.ppt - 1.53mb
Kate Manley

Rendering and simple graphics questions.pub - 253kb
Richard Murray

Orthographic Drawing.ppt - 1.33mb
Perspective (1, 2 and 3 point).ppt -2.28mb
Dave Orton

Exam Prep / Theory:
Graphics Exam Preparation Powerpoint (stamps) - 680kb
Claire Ong

Packaging Theory:
Packaging .ppt - 592kb
Fatima Begum

Nets .ppt - 348kb
Purpose of Packaging.ppt - 592kb
Advantages and Disadvantages of Packaging Starter.pub - 52kb

Advantages and Disadvantages of Packaging Exercise.pub - 52kb
Packaging Information Sheet.pub - 856kb

Packaging Wordbank.pub - 52kb
Laura Dale

Packaging.ppt - 1.21mb
Helen Hudspith

Die Cutting Powerpoint - 2.9mb
Lisa Keenan

Grids Don't Produce Boring Layouts - Designers Do.pdf - 924kb
David Russell

Recycling / Sustainability:
Recycling - the 6R's.ppt
Sustainability - Re-use.ppt
Angela Marsh

Rendering Skills Theory:
Rendering Information Sheet.pub - 156kb
Laura Dale

Rendering Activity.doc - 52kb
Joanne Cozens

Plastic Forming Theory:
Line Bending Activity.doc - 64kb
Plastics Activity .doc - 608kb
Plastics Activity Answers.doc - 608kb

Ranking.ppt - 152kb
Stages of Vacuum Forming.pub - 80kb

Fatima Begum

Plastic Forming Quiz.doc - 693kb
Joanne Cozens

Printing Theory:
Printing.ppt - 1.35mb
Susannah Brooks

Printing Processes.ppt - 118kb
Laura Dale

Offset Lithography.ppt - 2.5mb
Fatima Begum

The Lithographic Printing Process.ppt - 1.2mb
John Hulme

Typography / Logos Theory:
Typography.ppt - 629kb
Susannah Brooks

Logos and Lettering .ppt - 112kb
Typography.pub - 40kb
Fatima Begum

Typography "Ransom Note" Task.pub - 70kb
Grid Lines Typography Task.pub - 62.5kb
Steve Belchamber

Typography.ppt - 792kb
Logos Quiz.ppt - 424kb
Logos Wordbank.pub - 48kb
Laura Dale

Teaching Resources Design Technology DT D&T SCITT ITT PGCE GTP Graphics Graphic Products Resistant Materials Textiles Product Design Health and Social Care HSC RM RMTech Food Food Technology Electronics Systems and Control Engineering Links Vocational Trainee Teacher Share Adapt Experienced Teacher


All resources provided on this website have been credited to the original creators where possible. We rely on the providers of the resources to use only their own images, or to request permission from the original creator. If you believe that a piece of your work has been listed without due credit, please let me know.

helenhudspith.com is not responsible for contributors' use of third party images. This responsibility for checking intellectual rights lies with the creator of the resource. It is assumed that creators have checked these details before providing resources to helenhudspith.com

The resources on this page are provided in good faith for educational use with the understanding that the work may be adapted and changed by individuals to suit your project or lesson. The providers have not given permission for financial gain to be made from these resources and if you download and share these resources, it is with the proviso that you make no attempt to make financial gain from their adaptation.

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